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The SmartBox™
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We are a team of motivated scientists and engineers dedicated to significantly addressing climate change. We have a groundbreaking product and a practical vision for its global use. When combined, these will make a serious dent on atmospheric CO2, and put money in the pockets of our investors… and ourselves.

Our Developments

The SmartBox™ Mobile Processor

The SmartBox

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Based on our in-house, patent pending technologies, we are able to deploy a self-contained, mobile hemp processing factory directly to farms. The prototype SmartBox™ Mobile Processor will forge hemp seed into fuel oil, which will drive our special Hemp Diesel Generator. As a byproduct, the process will also produce high value seed cake for livestock feed.

Encouraging farmers to grow hemp also brings incredible environmental benefits. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. It has a CO2 sequestration at 66 tonnes per hectare… better than trees.  Hemp does not require use of herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides; it restores soil health (phytoremediation); and enhances biodiversity as a natural weed suppressant. Hemp has proven its effectiveness over its past 8,000 years of use.

Our Research Lab at Binghamton University’s Incubator

Koffman Southern Tier Incubator

Our lab at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is currently busy refining the chemistry and the mechanical processes for optimal hemp processing and hemp oil generator operation. Chemical engineer Dr. Adosh Mehta and engineer Andy Neal are maturing the technology that will produce the first mobile processor near the start of 2Q 2021.

The lab will be equipped with instrumentation for chemical analysis as well as biofuel derived hydrocarbon extraction and processing. The analytical tools for characterization and analysis of different fuels generated include Gas Chromatograph coupled with Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), HPLC, FT-IR, CHNS analyzer, Thermo-gravimetric analyzer (TGA) and differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). For biofuels research and development, the laboratory will be designed to explore pathways such as pyrolysis, hydrothermal processing, gasification and hydrotreating; for developing renewable diesel production pathways, along with traditional biodiesel pathways using transesterification techniques.

Hemp Diesel Generator Development Facility

Generator alone in a SmartBox

Our eHempHouse lab in Binghamton is simultaneously developing a Hemp Diesel generator optimized for the hemp fuel oil from our SmartBox™.

The generator test site will operate the SmartBox™ generator unit, and provide data on its operation back to our lab at the Koffman incubator.  Additionally, our Binghamton eHempHouse site will house our server/networking modules currently under development. The network will provide remote control of the SmartBoxes™, and monitor telemetric data from the operational sensors inside each box.

The Team

Our development and administrative team is a passionate group of folks, looking to exploit their talents to bring about real change.

Management Team

  • Andrew T. Neal, CEO & Founder
  • Dr. Adosh Mehta, VP Chemical Engineering
  • John Chung, VP of Business Development
  • Michael Townsend, Mechanical Engineering
  • Richard Cresswell, Engineering
  • Ian Titmuss, Electrical Engineering
  • John Goetz, Outside Counsel
  • Mark Bernard, Machine Control
  • Elise Smith, Administrator

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Clayton Besch
  • Col. Thomas Besch
  • Dr. Ramesh Bhargava
  • Dr. Alan Bigelow
  • Dr. Anju Mehta