Mission Statement

The overall mission of eHempHouse is to:

  • Make a significant reduction in atmospheric CO2.
  • Transform our reliance on destructive fossil fuels.
  • Provide developing communities the tools for sustainable progress.

This will be achieved by pulling together passionate talent and proven technologies, and providing farmers with a low-cost, portable technology. Farmers from every part of the globe can become self-sufficient, including those who do not currently have electricity. They can become producers of clean water, high protein human and animal food products, essential raw materials, and a natural and renewable energy source that is Carbon negative.


To tackle climate change head-on by significantly reducing CO2 and its devastating impacts – while vastly improving the lives of farmers and their local communities with a sustainable farming network.


Converting carbon-negative hemp crops into a green fuel, as well as producing components for the prime markets of health, cosmetics and textiles. This will simultaneously reducing pollution, restoring the soil and cleaning the atmosphere.

Value Proposition

SmartBox™ is a patented, self-contained processing unit which has multiple uses. Being off-grid, it can be deployed in remote and inhospitable locations. Rather than just selling raw seeds or hemp, the farmer is placed higher up the value chain, producing hemp oil which we will collect and distribute. The SmartBox™ utilizes 100% of the hemp plant, with the residual biomass processed into pellets for fuel, cakes for livestock feed, as well as products such as Hemp Fiber and Hempcrete (used in construction and insulation).

Business Model

The revolutionary SmartBox™ processes the hemp on-site, which produces a higher quality and value oil. This product is collected and sold commercially to our global industry partners. The farmer will be able to use some of the harvest to produce green fuel for local use, or as components for other valuable products.

Competitive Advantage

SmartBox™ brings with it a unique off-grid practicality, with no running costs to the farmer. This eliminates the need for a middleman to share the profits. The SmartBox™ is delivered directly to the farmer, ready to use. It can also be utilized as a central collection and processing station for smaller, neighboring farms.

Management Team

  • Andrew T. Neal, CEO & Founder
  • Dr. Adosh Mehta, VP Chemica Engineering
  • John Chung, VP of Business Development
  • Michael Townsend, Mechanical Engineering
  • Richard Cresswell, Engineering
  • Ian Titmuss, Electrical Engineering
  • John Goetz, Outside Counsel
  • Mark Bernard, Machine Control
  • Elise Smith, Administrator

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Clayton Besch
  • Col. Thomas Besch, VP Engineering
  • Dr. Ramesh Bhargava
  • Dr. Alan Bigelow
  • Dr. Anju Mehta