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The SmartBox
Our SmartBox™ is a self-contained processing factory, It features a hemp decorticator, seed press, hemp oil biodiesel generator, and other modular components tailored to the target farm environment.

The SmartBox™

The SmartBox™ is a portable, self-powered, universal crop processing unit. Designed to operate off-grid in developing regions, and providing additional functionalities to directly benefit the local communities. Advantages include irrigation, electric generation, drone-assisted farming, data collection, global communications connectivity and more.

Self Sufficient

The SmartBox™ provides a reliable source of clean electrical power, using its hemp biofuel output to feed the SmartBox™ generator.

The generator not only powers its internal processing equipment, but its electricity is also available to provide self-sufficiency to the farm. Both AC and 48V DC power is available.


eHempHouse’s SmartBox™, and the commercial hemp cultivation it supports, will work to sequester large amounts of damaging CO2 gases.

The zero-waste system also delivers a clean water supply, animal and human nutrition, and various by-products that enable the development of local enterprises.


The SB processes the hemp crop into a variety of products, providing both immediate revenues and the opportunity to develop local community enterprises:

  • Hemp fibre for clothing.
  • Fibre and hurd for low-cost building material like hempcrete, or for animal bedding.
  • Pellet fuel, as a low-cost energy source.
  • Biodiesel for local farm machinery.